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dark wet baroque

exhibitions / painting, ink

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/ dark wet baroque

In this exhibition the body, a fragile and sensual actor, tells its story as an anonymous subject. On a quest for their desires, female, male and animal bodies perform their movements, perceiving the space up to the limit of dance, objects in metamorphosis attracted by this alchemy, the observer looking at them, in a free world where the songs are deafening; immobile, the inks reveal themselves to be caught by the eye in a fleeting and quivering instant of baroque asymmetry.

/ ink

β€œOn the blank paper (white) devoured by black ...” the forms of this dark wetness are born from the shooting penetration of the ink, we need to hurry to save the bodies, fragile creatures that come to life only when touched by flashes of light, innocent, gentle and languid eroticism.

Around these luminous stains, unpredictable and desired by a dark world, the silence of wetness and baroque, in these dramatic or playful translucencies the fascinated eye scrutinizes the night of ink to discover the palpitation of a carnal opalescence.