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Sobriety’s obscure identity

exhibitions / photography, painting, ink

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" Two hills in a non-desert landscape, two peaks, one claimed by the Obscure and the other by Sobriety, the two landmarks of this exhibition. Identity gives Sobriety a reason to exist in the eyes of the world. "

" Obscure is all-embracing, not solely darkness but a state unto itself, a chosen territory where shadow hides the light and darkness gives luminosity respite. In obscurity, the object, the body and the soul stretch out and give full and free expression to the yearnings of their desire. The body curves gracefully, luxuriating in this state of utter freedom. "

" Sobriety is a medium, he isolates the subject to give it space; he is a hunter of dust, a warrior that plucks his prey from among a multitude of objects. The ink paintings under the influence of Sobriety are like a lover who wants to indulge his yearning for black; these help Sobriety penetrate the figure. The deep monotonous tone of Sobriety’s voice incites song and dance, achieves absolute silence. "

" The action of the photographs is indirect, they travel along another possible trajectory, exploring the variations that “the photo, photography” offer. Rather than cloning the painted subject, the clone-on-clone photograph lets us discover yet more possibilities, like a freeze frame of the object reflected in a mirror. The experiment attempted here is to listen to visual numeric signs and their perpetual metamorphosis. Just like in the ancient theatrical representations, where the intense force of the flows of information make us feel the pains inflicted on our conscience. "