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The body and food, the body as food, the flesh, naked, and clothes, a second skin, such are some of the themes which run throughout these new works. The series, all in large format, juxtaposes the vibrant colours of paintings with the transparent tints of ink drawings and watercolours.

Conceived after a long period of residence in Japan and Korea, these paintings and works on paper cast a fresh look on the figure, defined in part throught the experience of Asian art. The drawings are done on Korean paper, and using age-old Asian tecniques. Contrasting with the delicacy of these works, the broad colours and scale of paintings borrow form the Western traditions both of the fresco and of history painting.

Strange, oneiric, violent at times, but also pierced throughout with humor, these works attempt to weave together the conflicting patterns of life and death, dream and reality. Skulls, hats, figures, clothes become the bizarre props of sensual and mysterious tales in which the Beauty is also the Ogre, and in which the setting, a lushly exuberant landscape, is both voluptuous and fraught with danger. But above all else these pictures deal with questions of matter and form. Eschewing the categories of abstraction and figurativeness, they attempt to speak of painting itself.