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Créative Transmigration


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/ Créative Transmigration

The wind, the falling rain, the absent sun, the light and floating fog. The works of art scattered about, everywhere, all over the floor; as if trawled by a fishing net, discordant, without harmony.

The visitors to the show will be free to let their eyes and bodies roam around the gallery’s internal space. Seeing the works displayed may make the title of the exhibition – Créative Transmigration – seem off the mark, incomprehensible, without logic. But it is indeed the poetic matrix of the spoken title that releases the energy of the desire for innovation and temptation.

In this exhibition of social overtones, the decorative disorder of the installations materializes through the subjects like a worker’s accident in his place of labour, or like the Japanese wedding of a woman with two heads, or like food thrown haphazardly to the floor.

And, too, through the pictorial representations of the subject as a car crash, of the filial relationship of mother and daughter, of woman and her body painted with Indian ink on paper. The works on canvas are abstract with different lines and colours.

Using different filmed and sequenced themes, the video is meant to show us the birth of a dream being constructed in an urban setting.

The photographs are the narrators of the show’s images: jumbled together, dressed-up, beaten-up. The photos accompany the installations and the paintings. The beauty of the photography is found in a single reduction.

In the deepest darkest night, the smoke rising from the factory’s chimneystack hides the barefoot goddess. Naked at the riverside, in the red and yellow-coloured clay, caressing the emigrant with her infinite love.